Valentine’s Day Singles Mixer – February 14th

Will you do us the great pleasure of joining us this Valentine’s day for an exclusive meeting of Washingtonian singles?

On Thursday, February 14th, 2019 from 6-8pm spend your evening mixing and mingling with other area singles, all while enjoying the traditions of Gilded Age flirting and romance. Try your hand at intricate fan flirting techniques. Personalize then pass a Victorian era calling card to someone who catches your eye.

Victorian high society women, such as Amelia Heurich, would often follow a strict set of rules and etiquette that dictated everyday life. As a form of expression and a way to step outside the rules appropriately, women would use ‘fan language’ to send messages to admirers in the room. Similarly and for both men and women wishing to express interest, calling cards were a way to ask for a visit, further a relationship, or send best wishes to someone. These cards began as a way to announce one’s travel or visit, but soon turned into a formal and rather strict system of sending or receiving an invitation. The specifics of the card would dictate the response including the exact time the card was delivered, the texture of the print or paper, and finally the note left on the card. If the new acquaintance wished to visit with the person, they would send a card in return! Both fan language and calling cards were a way to abide by societal rules, but ensure your admiration for someone was shown.

The event is free and open to the public, but registration is recommended. Drinks (alcoholic and non) and snacks will be available for purchase. (You don’t have to be single to attend!)

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